JOTA 2024 Callsign

The Fellowship has VK2SHU for use for JOTA 2024 at Glenfield Scout Activity Centre so we need to come up with a QSL card. Here are some examples –

What we want to have a challenge to have a youth member in Hume Region to come up with a design that is Scouting in Hume Region in NSW. It is a Postcard size image that would need to be printed so it would need to be submitted before 1st August 2024

If you would like to submit your design you can send to hrsf AT nsw DOT scouts DOT com DOT au and make sure you also send to your section leader to ensure that we are always 2 deep with emails.

The prize for the winner will be free camping for them and 5 others from their group up to 6 people total for JOTA weekend at Glenfield Scout Activity Centre. You need to be a current member of Hume Region, you must submit via email following the rules above. You must allow your image to be used to create QSL cards and used by the Hume Region Scout Fellowship for JOTA Events ongoing and online. Your name will become part of the image ongoing as recognition of your contribution which will require parents consent. There is no guarantee that any submitted images will be used if they do not comply with above conditions or are not suitable for use for JOTA.

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