Joining the Fellowship

The fellowship has been specifically setup with the aims of bringing Amateur Radio back into the Scouting Program year round not just for JOTA. Run by scouting for scouting youth.

We are in the majority Amateur Radio Operators with Scouting background that have an interest in bringing specialists skills to groups and sections that don’t have those specialists skills.

A WWCC is not enough on its own for ongoing participation within scouting, Adult Membership provides for additional and ongoing checks above and beyond those of a WWCC. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the youth and with our specialist skillset in Amateur Radio & Communications we are able to fill a gap that most Adult members don’t have.

If you have a keen interest in mentoring and bringing your skills to the youth in scouting and you have a history of scouting background then reach out to us and get involved in this very rewarding opportunity.

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